Our Friends….Forty Nineteens on WDVE Morning Coffeehouse


In case you missed the “Meet The Band” The Forty Nineteens. One of the coolest things about spending way too much time putting up posts here is that I have made quite a few friends along the way. Sure it’s all a win win kind of thing, without the money but there are some really cool people out there just trying to be heard or helping to spread the word either way it’s all about the Music. WDVE is in Pittsburgh, IT is an institution , anyone who grew up loving rock ‘n’ roll in Pittsburgh was taught by WDVE. Sure , I couldn’t listen to Stairway to Heaven for the next 30 years or Smoke On The Water, but for every song overplayed they made up for that with The Clash or The Pretenders. The Forty Nineteens recently made a trip to Pittsburg which is the hometown for me and Nick Zeigler of The Forty Nineteens. This is a cool clip of their visit to WDVE…

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