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50THIRDAND3RD is a labor of love. We began this site as way to share our love of music. We are not professional critics – if we write about something it’s because we love it!
We love submissions and requests; in fact we have discovered some amazing music this way. However, because we all work regular jobs and have families, it has become difficult to follow-up with everyone.

We apologize in advance if you have submitted music and have not heard back from us.

With your submission please include:

• Contact name and email address
• Background information (short bio, type of music, where you are located etc.).
• A link to some of your music, website, and social media accounts

If you prefer to mail physical copies of your music instead of digital, please send to one of our offices below:


P.O. Box 48
Manhattan IL. 60442

783 Westbury Crescent
London, ON
N6J 3C8 Canada

Prolongacion Insurgentes
25, Colonia San Rafael,
San Miguel de Allende
Guanajuato, Mexico 37730


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