Diary of a Phish Newbie

Over the summer, I discovered the greatest band ever: Phish.

It has happened to me…I am officially a Phish-head, or whatever phans call themselves. My sister used to listen to Phish when we were in high school but I was pretty focused on Ani DiFranco, Tori Amos and Liz Phair, so back then, my response was probably something like, “Oh, hippie music. That’s cool,” before going back to listening to Exile in Guyville for the 500th time.


“A Live One” is the album I started with as I received a proper Phish education from a dear friend of mine. I quickly realized that I had previously dismissed an epic jam band that plays every genre of music that I love. Jazz, rock, blues and funk converge in sounds that simply make you smile nonstop. By the way – they jump on trampolines, coordinate dances and chase each other around onstage all while playing this amazing music.


As I started to explore the Phish catalog by downloading the band’s Live Phish app, I started diving into playlists from 1995 and beyond, discovering that every time a song is played, it’s completely changed and evolved. It is truly amazing how this band improvises during 20 minute long songs that you’d imagine were composed by a late great classical musician from some far off place and time. It also finally made sense to me why someone in their right mind could see this band 84 times – because it’s never the same show.


I was lucky to discover Phish right before their summer tour. I am completely obsessed after watching live webcasts from Merriweather in Maryland, Blossom in Cleveland, and their last show at Dick’s in Colorado. I became so used to listening to and downloading their nightly shows via the app, that now, I just cannot wait for them to announce their next tour! I need to experience Phish in person as soon as possible!

Here are my top 5 songs (they’re all tied for first and if I could add 20 more songs to a Top 5 I totally would) from the Phish Summer 2015 Tour:

  1. It’s Ice – Aug. 7, Cuyahoga Falls, OH (Feel the funk!)
  2. Waste – Aug. 1, Atlanta, GA (My personal favorite. The sweetest song ever.)
  3. Weekapaug Groove – Aug. 4, Nashville, TN (The jam on this song is epic. You can’t not move to it.)
  4. Tweezer – Sept. 6, Commerce City, CO (I will never get sick of this song and I will listen to every version out there.)
  5. You Enjoy Myself – Aug. 16, Columbia, MD (This song is so multilayered it is mind blowing. It’s a real musical masterpiece that deserves your full attention from start to finish.)

Download the Live Phish app and check these bad boys out! You can browse by date and easily find my top five list.

If you are a music lover, you will love Phish if you give them a real chance and a real listen. I am looking forward to my first show and will report back when that dream comes true!

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  • Phish is an amazing band. I loved them before I saw them live but never imagined how much seeing them live would change how I felt about them. My entire life changed the night of my first show. I’m obsessed I think talk about and listen to them all day every day. They can turn a bad day into a great day for me. They are my passion and I promise you after you see them you will be a hundred times more obsessed. And for the record it doesn’t matter what songs thy play. The best way to go into a show is to not care what they play or if they are gonna play a certain song. You will love it no matter what. I used to chase songs and it’s not a bad thing but u will find it doesn’t matter!! Rage hard maybe il see you this summer!! Oh and Tha said you still need to listen to FLUFFHEAD!! (Note my email lol)

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