The Shady Greys New EP, Follow, drops today!!

Remember last week when I mentioned a duo named The Shady Greys? And that the so named duo had an EP dropping on September 15? Well that would be today and I am here to deliver said EP, happily and beyond all self control. It is named Follow, and there are 4 tracks. I am so excited to share this with you! Let us know what you think!


And because I couldn’t get enough I asked more questions… And they answered because maybe they knew I wouldn’t leave them alone…

-How did you two meet

We met at work. We both had just come to Amsterdam and had a pretty crappy job as telemarketers.

-How did you start playing together?

Marcus had played shows on his own for a while but always wanted to add more punch to the music. One day we were sitting at a friend’s place who had a cajon and we thought “hey that might work”, turns out it did.

-Where did the name Shady Greys come from?

It has nothing to do with the book/movie, we had  not even been aware of that at the time. We were sitting in Prague drinking beer wondering what to call our band, we played around with the shades of grey thing until we thought it sounded pretty good.

You can find more pictures, tour dates and links with all things The Shady Greys at and on Facebook. For more of the interview check out my previous post.

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