Zig & Zag at the Fringe Factory! Stompin’ New Garage, punk & psych singles + underground rarities! By The Fringe Factory

WFMU Ichiban DJ Vikki Vaden spins the grooviest new Garage, Punk & Psychedelic Rock’n’Roll singles this week by The Spiral Electric, The Wylde Tryfles, The Revox, Thee See No Evils, The Fizz Pops, Escobar, The B-Sides. Archie and the Bunkers, King Trash, The Lost Souls & The Molochs! PLUS Ravin’ Faves from Dino’s Boys, The Future Primitives, Charlie Megira, Captain Beefheart, King Khan BarBQ Show, The Morlocks & more! Tune IN, Turn it UP and Do the ZIG ZAG! (originally aired 11/29/16 on WFMU’s Rock’N’Soul Ichiban

The Future Primitives – Zig Zag Wanderer
The Morlocks – Dirty Red
The Wylde Tryfles -I Wanna Be Your Doll!
The Revox -Sick of You
Kaviar -I Dont want to touch you with a Stick O
Dinos Boys -Scab
You Must Get Stoned-Escobar
(Archie and the Bunkers -The Roaring 20s
Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club- Elvis is Not Dead
Charlie Megira and the Bet- She’an Valley Hillbillies H
King Khan & BBQ Show – Mind, Body & Soul
The See No Evils -Hooked On The Buzz
Th Spiral Electric -Nothing Left To Lose
The B-Sides -Goodbye
THE Molochs -No More Crying
John English III & The Heathens-I Need You Near
The Lost Souls- What Once Was
King Trash -Move On
The Fizz Pops – Can’t Seem To Love That Girl
The Lost Souls -Calm Me Down

The Fringe Factory:
WFMU- The Fringe Factory

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