Your Intro to Phish

“Phish. Jam band. Boring hippie stuff. No thanks.”

This used to be me. I underestimated this band because I judged the book by its cover. Little did I know, this jam band had everything to offer – funk, rock, bluegrass, and so much more.

This summer, I will go to my first Phish show at Deer Creek in Indiana. I’ll be Page Side in the pit, so if you are there, we need to meet up and rage. (Hit me up in the comments!) One of my BFFs, Alaina, will be with me and this past week, I created an Intro to Phish playlist for her…I am working on my first convert! Whether Alaina becomes a phan or not, I know she is guaranteed to have an incredible time at this show.

But just for fun, I wanted to share my playlist. Let me know what you think I should add or delete! #onephishphanatatime

These are in no particular order – just 19 of my all-time favorites thus far.

  1. The Landlady
  2. The Moma Dance
  3. Simple
  4. The Lizards
  5. Carini
  6. Meatstick
  7. Wilson
  8. Bathtub Gin
  9. Rift
  10. Strange Design
  11. David Bowie
  12. Ghost
  13. Makisupa Policeman
  14. Cavern
  15. Tweezer
  16. Waiting All Night
  17. You Enjoy Myself
  18. Undermind
  19. Harry Hood

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