Young Heirlooms – “Bury Me With My Hammer” REVIEW

Since 2010, Young Heirlooms have been utilizing their brand of alt-folk to tell various stories. From emotional sentiments, all the way to heartbreaking experience, each song is told straight from the heart to the listener’s ears. While it’s been a little while since we’ve heard from them, the minute I heard they were teaming up with Soul Step Records I knew we were in for something special. And man was I right! Bury Me With My Hammer is one the finest moments for Young Heirlooms.

Young Heirlooms

Dropping the needle on a Young Heirlooms record always feels like getting ready for story time.

Side A’s title track, “Bury Me With My Hammer” begins with Young Heirlooms signature harmonies in a bluegrass-meets-jazz structure. When the course kicks in so does their impeccable knack for pop sensibilities. This isn’t the kind of alternative folk pop meant for lattes and wool hats, it’s legitimate artistry! With vintage instrumentation such as a pedal steel and upright bass, the angelic vocal performances are blended and elevated perfectly. If “Bury Me With My Hammer” is the lead single from their upcoming album, I’m sold already.

Side B’s cover of “Ohio” from Crosby Stills Nash and Young was a plot twist I wasn’t expecting! Despite the creation of the original inspired by the shooting of four students at Kent State University in 1970, it became one of the era’s most haunting protest songs. The Young Heirlooms’ reinvention updates the same protest for the current generation’s political unrest. It’s not an easy task to cover such an important song and make it your own. However, Young Heirlooms pull it off in such a way, it’s just as important now as it was then.

Teaming up with Soul Step Records for a vinyl release just makes perfect sense across the board.

Soul Step Records

Young Heirlooms’ “Bury Me With My Hammer” as well as their rendition of “Ohio”, feel tailor-made for a vinyl release. The warm instrumentation and gorgeous vocal harmonies just pop on the format. With the mix capturing every nuance of the guitars and heartfelt vocal lines, it sounds as if the band is right there performing in your living room. Also making this release even better is the fact it’s part of the label’s Cincinnati Brewer’s Series.

The Cincinnati Brewer Series is an event by Soul Step Records in conjunction with a band and local brewery. This one-night-only event at a local brewery (this time with Braxton Brewing Company) features an exclusive brew, a concert by the band, as well as an exclusive vinyl variant for sale! An amazing idea from Soul Step that brings together a few things the city has to offer!

For those of us unable to make it to Cincinnati for the event, Bury Me With My Hammer will be available in standard vinyl form at SoulStepRecords.com

For more information on Young Heirlooms, please visit YoungHeirlooms.com



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