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When I hear the term ‘3 piece band from LA’ I can’t help but think of snotty punk rock. A distorted guitar playing noise to fill a void, bass holding rhythm over snarling vocals, and 4/4 beats. It’s a mental description we can’t shake. Of course, this isn’t a bad thing. Some of the best music throughout history was at the hands of 3 people together in a studio. With that said, the cliche assumption would be the first thing I got wrong about Young Creatures and their new album The Future Is Finally Now.

Shattering preconceptions seems to be Young Creatures’ secret weapon from the start.

Expecting an abrasive punk outing, I was taken aback by the moody intro to the opening track “The Last One”. Where was the feedback? The poorly record drums? The indifferent vocals? Instead, we’re greeted with crisp vocals, clean guitar, and a tight rhythm section holding everything down. The second thing I got wrong about The Future Is Finally Now, is the fact it’s not technically a rock album.

Then what is it you may ask. I’m still not entirely sure and that’s a good thing! Just as the post-apocalyptic, Blade Runner meets The Warriors album cover suggests, The Future Is Finally Now is very much atmospheric. That doesn’t mean it’s a boring record of droning soundscapes though. There’s plenty of melodies to be had like the Eels-esque “Slow part II” and the slightly retro closer “Back To The Basics”.  The entire record uses mood to enhance the subtle twists and turns of pop sensibility.

At its core, The Future Is Finally Now is an experimental record with alternative rock elements.

Despite being nearly impossible to pick out the bands who influenced Young Creatures, there’s nothing overly alien about the presentation. Lyrics are mostly melancholy but never dreary thanks to crystal clear production and spot-on harmonies. There’s something there for just about every sub-genre. From shoegaze to post-rock, Young Creatures will keep you on your toes.

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The Future Is Finally Now is available for digital download by going to the band’s website ( but this album sounds it’s absolute best on vinyl thanks to Nomad Eel Records. The lush production lends itself perfectly to the format and looks equally as beautiful with the special color variant. Overall The Future Is Finally Now is an unexpected fantastic album from a band I’m looking forward to hearing more from!


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