You Must Live With Your Demons Without Shame ….Meet , The Devils Train


If your looking for something a little different, something along the walkway of the not so traveled before, A heavy dose of psychobilly with an edge to the darker side , a little Cramps , some of the punkness of X , and a whole lot of who they are, well your in the right place to listen to The Devils Train. Cool stuff ……

Meet….The Devils Train

Hi, we are The Devils Train, and our sound might best be described as “Jazz Punk from Hell!” or as a medley of the music we wish to hear. With that being said, all of our songs deal with very horrific situations meant to be taken ironically. Such as murder to break ups or demons to sorrow.

We are made up of the vibrantly dynamic , Akasha Hepct on vocals, slap happy Alex “Bone Daddy” Scribs on bass, pioneer Jamison “Jamo” Simmons on drums and equally shredding John Kinsman and Edwin Drake on guitar.

We are originally from, and still take residence in, the beautiful Western Nevada County of Northern California.

Akasha, Jamo and Alex meet in Nevada County in early 2009, which Alex was then playing guitar. Alex then realized his passion for upright bass and switched. We have had an array of guitarists through the years, but landed some keepers.

We knew immediately we all wanted to play music together. We all love the passion of so many artists and the exact bands we listen to are so varied, but we think that’s what adds such a different feel to our music. Out of it all, we all can agree on punk and jazz (go figure).

Prior to playing music we where all employed as various kitchen staff, a band of food preps and dishwashers!

Of all the gigs we have played, the craziest would have to be when we played at the Loyleton City Hall, in which the entire town, litterally, came out to see us dirty punks and went absolutely insane over the music.

We had a lot of good jams but the first song we wrote as The Devils Train was called “Bloody Candyland”, which we actually hadn’t released a recording of until our last self made album with the same title. “Bloody Candyland” was our first delve into the macabre style in which we play, it’s about completely loosing your mind in murder (which can be looked at as addiction, lust or anything that knowingly hurts oneself).

We all listen to such different music its hard to say what we are, as a whole, hooked on….. yeah I got nothen. I think we could all agree on Motorhead and Django Rindhart…maybe? That being said, we can all collectively say we could never part with Prince’s Purple Rain!

For fun we jam, drink beer and talk. We mean a lot of talking! We conceptualize and ponder on everything we can (it may just be the beer).

If one wishes to dive into the inner psychosis that is The Devils Train, keep in mind that we are not actually as evil as you may think. Many people are terrified of the idea of what we are doing, but if you look past the blood and guts, you’ll find that our music is well put together, romantic and filled with ironic humor…. but maybe I’m wrong and we are really a caravan of Satin’s minions coming for your soul!! (ha?)

2014 is a big year for us. Please be on the look out for this Jazz Punk collective. We are in the process of a new album, video and website.

Thank you to Scott and 50thirdand3rd,

The Devils Train

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