You Got Good Taste

Right around this time of the year, way back in “the olden days”, I hurried my teen self to the front of the stage to witness a live circus sideshow at Montreal’s The Spectrum. Sparkly pointy shoes, “eff-you” hot pink hair, Ramones-like ultra heavy leather jacket, and I was ready for The Cramps. I’m not sure what I expected from the band. I know I didn’t expect to grab a gold lamé bikini-clad Lux Interior and try to launch him into the audience. Seems my grip in 1985 was not terribly spectacular. Being in front of the stage, I did sustain some minor injuries: two perfectly circular purple/black bruises on my knees. From hitting the stage wall, of course.

Lux is long gone, as is the venue. My leather jacket currently resides in a lovely cedar closet, and I occasionally take it out to see if it still fits (kinda).

The Cramps “are one complete thing separate from this world.”

You got good taste
You got good taste
You come here
Sit on my……..lap.

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