You Get To Be My Age…..The Value Of Nothing, Eddie Spaghetti


This is one of my most played albums of 2013. From the  Supersuckers front man, Eddie Spaghetti. This is his first solo record with all original material. The album is full of his wit and charm . My personal favorites are “You Get To Be My Age” , and “If anyone’s Got The Balls”. I was just going to put up those two songs, when I noticed the entire album is up on You Tube. If you like the good old days when you could listen to rock n roll for the lyrics this album is for you. If you’re looking for a theme song for sitting on the couch pay attention to “Waste Of Time”. Great stuff and I hope when December gets her that the Critics include this in their best of 2013.


Label – Bloodshot Records June 18th, 2013
1. The Value of Nothing
2. Empty
3. If Anyone’s Got The Balls
4. Waste of Time
5. You Get To Be My Age
6. Fuckin’ With My Head
7. People Are Shit
8. One Man Job

for more and to buy….https://www.bloodshotrecords.com/album/value-nothing

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