Who Is Heather and The Super Groovy Cosmic Bus?

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What exactly do I do?

I run The Super Groovy Cosmic Bus Entertainment, an ongoing and ever-evolving project that centers around supporting the arts, embracing the fact that we’re all on a journey and we’re all ridiculous, and using our creations to give back when we can. Party with a purpose, rock with a reason, get down for good. Bus Life.

Basically, I’m an unpolished documentarian and promoter for the arts…and I do it with a toy bus. I’m a non-fiction story teller and everyone the bus meets becomes part of the narrative. I go to shows and events five to seven days a week and take pictures and video with a point and shoot camera. I use four different social media networks and YouTube to share and promote the music I discover and love, as well as support the arts community as a whole. I like to let people know about the great things that are happening all around us. I’ve started interviewing musicians, organizing my own events, conducting something called Red Room Sessions, and making an ass of myself on radio and podcasts. I’m also partnering up with Will Fries and Sofar Sounds, an international collective that hosts small secret shows around the world. I’ll be working with Portland Creative on various projects too, and am open to anything else that comes my way.

How did I get into the Portland music scene?

I’m kind of an odd duck, I was living in a tiny town where all of my friends had moved away and/or had children, and I split with my boyfriend of seven years in May 2012. When that happened, I knew I had to go make friends and find something to do in Portland or I’d go insane. I didn’t know anyone and I’m pretty shy, so I did the only logical thing: I brought out a toy bus (yea, not awkward or weird at all) and started going to shows because I adore music. I used it as an ice breaker and a way to approach bands. I wanted them to “come aboard the bus,” although I’m not sure I knew what that meant at the time. The bus was also my way of bringing people into my silly world, or at least breaking down the boundaries between their realm and mine.

What drives me to live the bus life?

I firmly believe an artist MUST create to be whole. I don’t feel they have to share their art, but they MUST create, so first of all I like to annoy people until they embrace their purpose. I’m pretty good at it.

When someone has enough gonads to get out there and show the world what they’ve made, they’re essentially putting their soul on display. That’s difficult enough, but trying to get others to take notice can be even more stressful or daunting.

“Here’s my soul. Do you like it? Is it good enough for others to see? Please applaud for my innermost thoughts and fears. Please purchase my confessions of self and not criticize me for showing you my vulnerability.”

I like to think of myself as some sort of strange cheerleader for music. I’m not a critic and I don’t want anything from the artists other than to enjoy their art, tell them thank you and maybe book them for a show.

I continue to work on this every waking moment because it’s fun, it’s exciting, it’s rewarding, it’s unpredictable, and it’s an outlet for my own creativity. It seems like at least one exciting or happy thing occurs every day because of sgcbus, things I never expected. Anything cool I’ve done since about October of 2012 is because of a toy bus. That’s wild. How could I stop now? It just continues to gain momentum, every month more layers are added, and it spreads like a benevolent web of awesome.

There is a definite sense of community in Portland, Oregon and I feel if it’s nurtured, it will get stronger. I think people are slowly realizing we do better when we work as one big team, drop the egos and make it all about the music and art.

Come aboard The Super Groovy Cosmic Bus and we’ll all roll on. #buslife #sgcbus

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SuperGroovyCosmic Bus

My parents call me Heather Hanson.
I'm a weirdo based in Portland, OR .
I take pictures and video of live music and promote the music I like. Sometimes I interview musicians, sometimes I organize my own events, sometimes I take the bus on the road, and sometimes I even write stuff here. Follow on twitter, instagram, and Facebook for new content everyday.

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