Where Jangle Pop And Shoegaze Collide….The Foggy Notions


Foggy Notions – Sussed

From  Saskatoon Canada

Very cool album, dreamy full of pop but shows a real skill of musicianship.

Their first release featuring the current six-piece line-up, Foggy Notions worked with Joe Foster, a Scottish musician, producer and one of the founders of Creation Records, to help achieve the wall-of-noise guitar pedal heroics and fuzzed-out pop sounds that makes up the majority of the album. Bending shimmery choruses into a sway of mid-tempo pop, Sussed is an exploration into a strobed-out disco ball of highly satisfying off-kilter harmony and dissonance.

“Everything totally changed,” says guitarist Kalon Beaudry. “You can’t help but play in a certain way with different guitarists. We probably strayed more from what I had in mind with this line-up, which is a good thing. The first songs were really guitar-based, and it was harder to deviate from those sounds.”….http://www.ominocity.com/2013/08/23/foggy-notions-soso-and-the-moas-all-release-new-albums/

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