What Would Joey Ramone Do​?​/​Ramona Wolf….The Creeping Ivies


Two excellent singles from one of the coolest bands on the planet. These will be out November 16th from Holy Smokes Records.  This is rock as it was meant to be, Becca Bomb has a unique voice that reminds me of the early great ones, she plays a wicked guitar backed by Duncan  Destruction laying down a beat that if you don’t dance along, you might want to visit your Doctor. I picked The Creeping Ivies as my best new band of 2012 and that’s something I’m not backing off of. If you like rock n roll, and by that I mean anything from Jerry Lee Lewis to The Cramps, my advice is to stop what your doing and give a listen to……The Creeping Ivies

 go here for more of The Creeping Ivies

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