From WFMU: Crayons to Perfume with Glynis GirlGroupGirl: Playlist from March 1, 2017

Back in those Blipfm days when a few of us here at 50thirdand3rd would stay up till 2 or 3 am trying our best to play that one song that everyone would go ” Oh yeah, that’s great” I would have multiple screens open doing quick research looking for that next path to take, one of those paths for me was WFMU , I loved their playlist and I always learned a few more songs while discovering hidden jems. We have put up their playlist before but mainly it’s been through DJ Vikki. We are going to expand that just a little over the next few months to include Glynis and Matt. My goal is to give WFMU more fans while giving you some cool playlist to start your day off with. They have a big fund raiser coming up soon and we will do our best to help spread the word. Great Radio Stations are hard to find these days but you can always count on WFMU.

Vicki Young and Charles Bud Dant Orchestra -Forbidden Fruit

Ernie Djohan -Lime Street Blues
The Ikettes -Peaches and Cream
Chako & The Apples- Anata ga Ichiban
Yumi Miru -Lemons Lemons
Mel Vena Allen -If I were an Orange

Little Esther – Cherry Wine
Cherry Lynn -You’re Money Ain’t Long Enough
Billy & Lillie -Bananas Options
Gini Hayes – Strawberry Kisses
Lolita & The Merry Lads – Lemon Tree
Le Grand Mellon -Sound Of The Blues
The Peaches -Baby Think It Over
Jean King -Watermelon Man
Skeetter Davis -Blueberry Hill
Patsy Ann Noble -Sour Grapes

Peaches & Herb Something You Got
Little Eva Sugar Plum Give Me Some
Maxine Brown Plum Outta Sight
Village Callers Heard It Through The Grapevine

Carol Robert & Le Improvistas Le Fruit Defendu


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