Wassup Rocker Radio’s Sickest Song of the Week: SUZI MOON – ‘I’m Not a Man’

If you like your rawk with a generous heap of vitriol, Suzi Moon is for you. The newest single ‘I’m Not a Man‘ goes down like a cocktail of Betty Blowtorch and Motörhead.

“I wrote this song specifically to inspire others to not give a fuck and stand up against the double standards that are still, unfortunately, very present today. We “women in music” (excuse me, barf) have been turning out top-notch work since the day music began, and it still feels like an uphill battle to be respected and properly credited, to be more than just a face and an ass. “I’m Not A Man” is a sassy anthem for today’s feminists. This isn’t an anti-men song, baby, don’t hold your breath… This is a pro-US song, and I hope it empowers everyone who hears it. When I sing “somethings gotta change…” you better believe I mean it… RIGHT NOW!”
– Suzi Moon

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