WASSUP ROCKER RADIO #198 – featuring The Courettes; Lobsterbomb; Amyl & The Sniffers and more…


The Mitochondriacs – I Want It All
Sprints – How Does The Story Go
The Courettes – I’ve Been Walking
Gustaf – Book
Hot Snakes – Braintrust
Silikon – Merchandise
John Du Cann – Throw Him In Jail
Amyl & The Sniffers – Security
Norcos Y Horchata – All Roads Lead Downriver
Those Darlins – Funstix Party
Mayson’s Party – Yummy Yummy
Debt Cult – Anna Seedys Graveyard Party
Tony Matura – Memories
Bednarik – I Got Nothin
Dynamite Platoon – Ploud Mary
The Bronx – White Tar
Frvits – Magiciens
Namesake – I’m Sick
Ty Segall – Girlfriend
Lobsterbomb – Ready To Go
The Unicorns – The Clap
The Q Tips – Shut Your Face
The Courettes – The Teens Are Square
The Go – You Go Bangin’ On

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One foot in the door
The other one in the gutter

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