WASSUP ROCKER RADIO #191 – featuring TJ Cabot; Bad Actors; Kicked In The Teeth and more…

Mannequin Pussy – Perfect
Kicked In The Teeth – Progress
TJ Cabot – I Don’t Like It
Bad Actors – Anthem
Nix – Take My Chair
Williamson Brothers – Take Back The Summer
The Hip Priests – No Stranger To Failure
Eat Man – Fuck Me Slowly
Big T – Tea For Two
Trinity – Caught With The Joint In My Hand
Neon Bone – I Wanted You To Know
Chain Whip – Two Step To Hell
The Shivers – Fall of the Romans
The Scoffs – Why Dont’cha All Get Fucked
Goners UK – ACAB
Sex Mex – Goblins II
Cruelhouse – Jonny’s Favorite Gun is a Six-Shot Revolver
Freedom – Time of My Life
Vision Video – Broken Fingers
The Smoke – Shagalagalu
Bad Actors – Steal Your Heart
Kicked in the Teeth – Bloodlines\Cogs
TJ Cabot – Involved

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/wassuprockerradio/wrr-wassup-rocker-radio-06-12-2021-radioshow-191-a-garage-punk-radioshow-from-toledo-ohio/ width=100% height=400]


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