WASSUP ROCKER RADIO #131 Featuring Webcam Teenz, Sweet Reaper, Alcopops, and More!

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/wassuprockerradio/wrr-wassup-rocker-radio-04-05-2020-radioshow-131-a-garage-punk-radioshow-from-toledo-ohio/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1]


Webcam Teenz – M.A.F.
Alcopops – Nauga Hug
The Exbats – Immediate Girl
Charmpit – Jimnastics
Sweet Reaper – Same Nightmare
Juicebox – Cigarette Song
Matt Ellis – Poison Holiday
The Isolators – I’m Jonesin’ For You
Brad Marino – False Alarm
Allergic To Humans – Ugly Things
Defiant Brood – The Knife
Charles Crow and the Talons – Creature of the Night
The Exbats – Funny Honey
Clockwork Organs – Credo
Green / Blue – With That Face
Mark Vodka Group – Touch of Grey
The Love Coffin – Nothing At All
Matt Ellis – Bad Day
Juicebox – Kombucha Man
Sweet Reaper – Sidewalk Psycho
Charmpit – Bridges Go Burn
The Exbats – Hey Hey Hey
Alcopops – Nightfriend
Webcam Teenz – Girl Drummer


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