Wassup Rocker Radio #125 – Featuring Virvon Varvon, Water Trash, Sticker Shock and More

Wassup Rocker Radio #125

Sticker Shock – Waste of Space
Water Trash – Ski Mask Tea Party
Virvon Varvon – Allergies
Wyldlife – Neon Nightmare
Ciern – Let Go
Drunk Mums – Adderall
Dog Eared – Pissing in the Wind
Double Cheese – Mash Potatoes
Ciur – Mode Branleur
Fibber – Debtor’s Prison
Nervous Dogs – Johnny Killed The Punk Scene
Lucy and the Rats – Dark Clouds
Tommy La Menace – Clinophilia
Warish – Woven
Dog Eared – Licking Windows
Double Cheese – The Ants
Ciern – Truthspeak
Drunk Mums – Headshrinker
Wyldlife – Kiss and Tell
Virvon Varvon – Mind Cancer
Water Trash – After Hours
Sticker Shock – Stupid Games Stupid Prizes


[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/wassuprockerradio/wrr-wassup-rocker-radio-02-23-2020-radioshow-125-a-garage-punk-radioshow-from-toledo-ohio/ width=100% height=400]

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