Warming The Souls of 90’s Grunge Homesick Aliens, Meet…She Was Loud

she was loud

Some nights I find myself just clicking from one thing to the next searching for something I’m not ever really sure what it is I’m looking for and then a name or a picture slows me down enough to give a listen ,so here we are with one of the coolest band names in the last few years, She Was Loud. I’m not convinced on how to describe their sound, Red Hot Chili Peppers meet Nirvana comes to mind but that may apply to some of the songs but not all. These are some catchy tunes with some kick ass guitar licks and by the second listen, you’ll be singing along. I really like “I am dumb” which would be my pick as stand out single it has that I’m a Creep vibe running through it. This one is for all my rockers out there, get ready to love…She Was Loud.

Hi our name is….

She Was Loud

And our sound might be best described as….

The love child of some 90’s grunge homesick aliens!

We are…..

Jess Molenarr – Vocals

Murray Lawson – Vocals

Chris Liesis – Guitars, Bass & Vocals

Paul Instance – Guitars, Vocals

Diz – Guitars, Bass & Vocals

We are originally from…..

Jupiter but have adopted residency in mighty Melbourne, Australia

The first time we met was…..

I met Murray on the bus, he was reading ‘guitar world’, I met Chris at a school I attended for literally 48 hours, Murray dated Jess’s best friend who mentioned she could sing, Paul was gigging in a band we used to play with & our drummer… well drummers are like girlfrriends that never really worked out, Chris can tell you all about that!

We knew we were going to be a Band when………

Well we have all been playing together off and on since high school (what sluts), when you’re younger the only qualification you’re looking for is “Do you own an instrument?” if so, lets go! Over the years you become more selective, begin to shape a sound & in my case have a tendency to overthink things. What this project was aiming to achieve was to go back to when when music was fun, create a sound that mimics the 90’s, was gurngey and loud. .. I don’t think I really answered your question… Basically these 4 people have been my favourite people to play with on planet earth.

Before starting the band we were employed as…….

Well we all still have ‘real jobs’, Chris is a photographer, Paul is an electrician, Murray is a carpet cleaner (that’s not a euphemism), diz is video editor & Jess is a… ummm.. I’m actually not really sure what Jess does, she says I need to listen more. We are also giving our debut EP away for free at our Soundcloud page which doesn’t really help our cause.

The first song we wrote was…….

‘All along the way’, it’s our single, it’s heartbreaking & uplifting and has been recently been getting airplay all over the globe, especially in the UK!

It’s about……

I would rather not say, I believe art is to be interpreted by the individual & two people may interpert the same piece of art very differently, therefore influence to their interpretation defeats purpose of interpretation itself… However in the interest of this this interview & the blatant self awareness that we are not Michelangelo, & we write 3:30 indie grunge tracks that are downloadable for free on the internet, here it goes… The song is basically about burning your bridges so you can’t go back, therfore must move forward.

What we are currently listening to….

I really like the Metz, killer band!

For fun we like to…..

This is our fun, you did read what we do for jobs right?

The one thing we want you to remember while your listening to us……

That our songs are created without a traditional band formula. Every song is different, some tracks Jess is singing, some she’s not & same goes for the other members. We approach every song independently, which sometimes means some of us are made redundant for that track, we don’t have a lead singer, bassist or lead guitarist, which in turn makes for an interesting record as the formula for every song constantly changes. That’s why you’ll notice we all play multiple instruments.


Hearty vocal hooks, whisteable guitar melodies, meshed with crunchy fuzz and stomping drums!

From us in 2014…

We have a simple band philosophy, every year we release an EP. We spend the year writing, cull it down to our 5 best tracks and hit Highway 9 studios during our summer to release the record the following year. So 2014 will bring the release of our 2nd EP which we are currently in process of recording.

She Was Loud, Twitter

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