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I’ve written hundreds of album reviews over the years. Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Metal, whatever. You name it, I’ve probably covered it. But throughout all those articles, I always have the hardest time writing about the records I really love. Sure it’s pretty easy to say “hey cop this, it’s dope!” but is that really enough to convince you to listen to it? It’s even easier when you have something to compare it to as well. But couldn’t you just go listen to the artists I’d compare it to? Every now and then I come across an act that doesn’t really sound like anyone else so I can’t really take that angle. I think this is the case with VOLK and their debut album Cashville from Romanus Records.

If I were gonna take the music as a food approach, I’d say VOLK is like a basket of Nashville-style fried chicken, smothered in your grandma’s bbq recipe, sprinkled with jalapenos and glitter, then smashed over your head.

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Does that sound like something you’d be interested in experiencing? Well, you’ve stuck with me this far so I’ll take that as a yes. I’ve covered VOLK at this publication a few years ago and I fell in love with their band of red-eyed soul. But Cashville takes everything from those earlier EPs and cranks it to eleven in a satisfying and natural way.

With crunchy, fuzz-driven guitars, bombastic drums, and sharp-tongued vocals, everything about VOLK is larger than life. But beneath all the whiskey-stained snakeskin and charred flesh, the duo elevates their aesthetic with sarcastic realism. The lyrics to the album opener “Welcome To Cashville” may sound brash and almost comedic, but it pinpoints the issues in the DIY indie rock scene. Even with all the urine and vinegar, VOLK still manages to cover various topics in Cashville. From cross-eyed romance, addiction, to life on the road.

No matter what they’re singing about, it’s delivered with passion, vitriol, and most importantly, fun!

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Cashville is a romp from start to finish and VOLK has captured the kind of raw-edged rock n’ roll it takes most bands years to achieve. And there are only two members! Guitar, drums, vocals, and that’s it. But when what they lack in instrumentation, they more than make up for it with the attitude of a full dive bar of bikers. But there I go again trying to explain something that can’t be explained without being listened to. Just head over to Romanus Records and pick it up on vinyl and see for yourself.

Cashville is available now at Romanus Records

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  • I saw VOLK open for The Electric Six a few months ago. They won the crowd over, which is never easy for an opening act. I bought Cashville at the merch table. The album captures their aggressive live sound, which is another thing that isn’t easy to do. I did buy the CD version. I’m not going to keep changing formats because the fickle public does. Hate me for it, I couldn’t care less.

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