Video Premiere: Plastic Cactus “Mystery Boy”

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AliBrkfDczM&w=560&h=315]

We dive right in and swim around with Portland’s own Plastic Cactus in their brand new video for the song Mystery Boy. The band knows how to do dream surf proper and drive you right into a psych freak-out with some amazing visuals and props. Plastic Cactus takes you on a journey of falling in love with someone new while tearing apart each others expectations of emotions and heartache. Part of an emotional exercise in futility, that may end up in sour love or not, depending on how you look at your glass. The Drums kick into a nice intro as the guitars swirl into the surf madness that this band has become known for. The kind of surf that might just be a mirage in the desert.  The harmonies and rythmatic presence of the background players carry you right into a first rate soft spoken melody that ends up exploding in your lovely face and commands for you to psych yourself out and avoid heartache by protecting yourself by causing someone else some heartache. Definitely worth checking this video out!! You can also check out their band camp here:  Mystery Boy by Plastic Cactus

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