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I woke up this morning to an email from Melissa, alerting me to the release of her new video coming out this morning , wondering if we would share it with all of you. The answer is evident. We have done an interview with Melissa, posted videos and named her songs Record of the Day and “Stoked On You” album as Album of the Week. I have ranted and raved about her a few times on these pages , here we go again…..

This video shot in black and white highlights Melissa’s strength’s as a vocalist as well as her dancing skills. The song is catchy, full of rock n roll guitar riffs, crazy fast beat punctuated by some howling from Melissa. Love the breaks in tempo and the overall vibe draws you in and you’ll find yourself watching this more than once. Melissa is a modern day Chanteuse. I don’t think it’s crazy to mention her alongside Nico or Cat Power or Francoise Hardy for that matter. She is that good, that talented, I have no doubt that she will be one of the Stars of her Generation, she already is…..

A few words from Melissa Brooks:

This was my favorite video that we have made as a band. It was the first time we filmed on a set, and we were blessed to work with a really great crew. Directed by Susie Francis and filmed by the legendary Sing Howe Yam, we were able to create a performance piece that showcased the darker side of Melissa Brooks and The Aquadolls. The lyrics “you were a dream, but not a good one” open the video, springing out of darkness and haze. Sinus Infection is the final chapter to Stoked On You, but while going out with a bang.

watch the video….

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