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I think that if you take a few minutes out of you Holiday Season and give this tune a listen that you will be a little moved by the honesty and sincerity coming from Karina Ramage. Love the voice and the writing and with that combination I would not be surprized to see Karina Ramage move on up the charts….quickly.

About Karina
Karina Ramage’s authentic acoustic music is the product of a childhood spent busking across Europe. She grew up with her British parents in Oltingue, France, right off the border of Switzerland where she started learning to play and sing at a young age. During her teenage years she experimented fronting rock bands and taught herself to write songs, before moving to London to pursue a career in music. In the city she began gigging her own material and fronted some innovative bands such as Imperium DnB, but quickly became dissatisfied with the worn-out attitude of the London circuit and sexist approach of the music industry. This led her to decide to take matters into her own hands and build her audience from the ground up by busking in the streets.
Now every weekend she travels into the city armed with just a beaten up guitar, battery-powered amp and her voice, offering her thoughts and songs free of charge to passers-by.

Karina’s songwriting grants us insight into her creative and thoughtful personality. Such as her desire to tackle typical themes, like love and break-ups, from a different angle like in ‘Love Court’ and her eagerness to challenge her generation’s obsession with their smartphones in ‘Technology’. Her attitude brings to mind artists such as Norah Jones and KT Tunstall, who pursue authenticity through their voice rather than following current trends. Musically, Karina is adventurous. With her irresistible knack for melody, she takes a listener by the hand as she explores with them, folk, blues, music hall and even reggae sound-worlds. She approaches these styles with a genuine curiosity, interested in what sounds she can create by playing with them to best serve her songs, rather than wasting time pandering to worn out ideas about musical traditions.

Her newest EP “In Case You Forgot” was written in response to the positive reactions and experiences she has collected from the streets. This is music for the everyday busy people – travellers, shoppers and anyone who wants to enjoy refreshing acoustic music. Now at just 21, with ¾ of a music degree under her belt, and years of experience fronting bands, singing in choirs, session work, she has finally honed her street-grown sound into an EP of exciting genre-blending, honest and thoughtful songs.

Karina Ramage:


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