Video of the Day – The CRY! – “Shakin'”

the cry


Once again, it’s The Cry. Starting off a new month, with some of the best rock n roll around, if you haven’t been turned on to these guys yet, today is your day. Give a listen to this and then go listen to their last album, great stuff….

Kids are all coming from miles around
Yyou in the suburbs take the bus downtown
Even my parents wanna make the trip
But if they find out what we’re doing it would make them sick
We’re just dancing and doin it right
Pop some blues, we’ll be up all night
Goin inside, outside, upside down
And we ain’t gonna stop until we hit the ground

We’re shakin, shakin like a vibrator
Burnin, burnin like the radiator
Come on, come on, come on a little closer to me
Shakin, shakin like a vibrator
Burnin, burnin like that radiator
Come on, come on give what your mama gave you to me

Don’t gotta worry bout catching the bus
You’ll be fine come and stay with us
We’ve got plenty of smokes we’ve got plenty of Schlitz
We got a stereo baby, playing all those hits
If you get bored we can go to my pad
Just careful not to wake up mom and dad
Sneak upstairs and into my room
And I can show what’s inside my fruit of the looms

The Cry:



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