Video of the Day – “OF BUNNIES & DUMMIES” by Delilahs


rock n roll , it’s just about the music, check your egos at the door. Relax , have some fun, lighten up , dance a little. give the sky a kiss and listen to this cool tune by Delilahs.

from their bio…
More than 450 concerts in nine different countries (since 2006); Appearances at major festivals, two international publications, airplay in major radio stations, appearances in popular TV shows and, and, and … the list goes on and extend, but Delilah are not broken to records to crack and in the blazing to loll Sun of People & lifestyle magazines or to mutate into a YouTube one-hit wonder.

“This is not my world,” says frontwoman, singer and lyricist Muriel Rhyner clear from the outset. “We are freaks driven that can not help but as to play our music live. Compromises that come at the expense of our integrity, are not our thing. We would rather forgo some, but pull for our own thing. ”

The Delilah have therefore opted for the rocky, sweat-soaked road and delight with a mixture of crunchy punk rock with 77er attitude and schmissigem Power pop appeal.

In times when we hear women almost exclusively in countless tame singer-songwriter combos or set before them radio-friendly songs that set Delilah’s a sign. Here occur at two energy-driven front women to deliver an unequivocal statement:
`Girls know how to` Exactly to Rawk and roll’ and wants to kick your asses`

And just as sounds “Past True Lust” because even, the third album of Zug Quartet. Muriel Rhyner (voc, bass), Isabella Eder (guit, voc), Philipp Rhyner (guit) and Daniel Fischer (drums), who together recorded already the predecessor “Greetings from Garde Town”, set to pop with an edge, on punk with melody. “Past True Lust” is not a reinvention of Delilah, but a logical development. “We wanted every song gets its own dress and we bring out the best of each,” explains Isabella Eder the march direction. Producer Toni “Meloni” Loitsch who recorded the new songs in the Principal Studios in Münster (D), where already austobten Die Toten Hosen or Broilers was exactly the right person to put this plan into action.

The result: “Past True Lust” is a dramatically staged sent album that consciously focuses on mood swings. High energy, penetrating power pop hits contemplative moments. Whether loud or soft: the Delilah songs have power and energy. And who listens carefully to the lyrics, will recognize that Muriel Rhyner has matured into a sensitive lyricist who definitely makes critical thinking about themselves and their generation.


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