Video of the day… Dr. John with “Revolution”

Tomorrow I will get to see this legend perform at Pilgrimage Fest and all will be well with my soul. The first time I ever saw Dr. John was at Bonnaroo. Call me naïve, call me a baby ( I was young once!). I didn’t know really who I was listening to. It was one of those late night superjam sessions and I was caught somewhere between getting sleepy and just deciding not to see the last show of the night. My friend talked me into staying, bless him! “But its Dr. John, Jess! He is the reason for Bonnaroo, Stay!” Whatever… But then I heard these amazing New Orleans sounds rising from the stage, these horns and keys and then that voice! It was on until well probably the break of dawn, ha ha. Because that is just how you Bonnaroo! So enjoy!


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