Video of the Day: BETS- “Jenny”

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With the forthcoming album, Days Hours Nights, set for release on July 31st, BETS is out with the catchy, girly, lusty video for their second single, “Jenny.” This morning as I headed to work in the rain, the all girl get up’s “Jenny” seemed to catch me in just the right place. The song is sweet and the gentle keys that come and go at random had me bouncing over puddles and bobbing my head as I waded through traffic.

The black and white story takes the viewer on a rendezvous through Paris with a pretty blonde, seemingly named Jenny. The duo twirl their way through the streets, eventually making their way to bed. While the romance is short lived, this song’s tenure on my summer playlist will not be.

BETS is out with Days Hours Nights on July 31st.

Until then, you call follow them here:





Instagram: @betsmusic



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