Video of the Day is Washington Moon by Globelamp

I have been sitting on this video of the day all week, I wanted to do this post justice, mostly because justice is something the artist Globelamp, aka Elizabeth Le Fey, doesn’t see a lot of in her life. globelampBut first… “Washington Moon” is taken from her latest album Orange Glow, released earlier this year in June via Wichita Recordings. The Orange Glow cassette was previously released the year before through Lolipop Records. The song is a beautiful melody, guitar lead in an atmospheric vibe with her voice echoing throughout, the chorus hooking you and I am able to slip into the songs energy. It’s a bit psychedelic and a bit folk, an avant sort of rock song, her voice hinging on whimsicality that is hypnotizing and ethereal. I can completely identify with this song, it’s a simple love of wanting and wishing for it all, the need to be in two places at the same time and creating the life we want. My song would go a bit like me wanting a Nashville sun and a Washington moon is the same room at the same time. After just leaving the great state of Washington, visiting for only a few days, I want to go back. I remember that moon and the state went straight to my very soul. The images and photographs much like this video, still playing in my head, playing out that haunting little rhythm, smiles and wonder floating in the breeze of that Washington wind. Her voice an eerie reminder that this is only the surface, a smile that invites you to ask about the sadness.

Globelamp now lives in Olympia, Washington after growing up in California. She grew up listening to glam-rock and writing poetry inspired by her favorites. She began performing in 2010 and from there went on to join the Meowtain and later Foxygen. This part of her life has left the rest in a tailspin of gossip, court orders and abuse that has been pushed under and aside from many, but she refuses to give in and remain silent. Le Fey has been cast as the “Yoko Ono” of the band Foxygen, splitting with her ex-boyfriend Sam France instead of splitting up the group after allegations of abuse which she has photos and talks about in her personal blog, much to the bands dismay. In a bit of irony, she now fights with the son of Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon as she pleads for fans to boycott the upcoming Desert Daze festival. A festival that has booked her abusers and a festival put on by friends of his, and he can’t seen to stop talking. In the midst of this drama he has called her crazy many times among other things that shows just how much the world seems to just want to look the other way, make this easy and just ignore it. She fights and she fights every day, she is passionate and she is not going to sit tight and look pretty. I encourage you to check out her twitter page and website to learn more about this artist.

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