Video of the Day is Warts by Hinds

“have you ever seen a couple that shouldn’t be a couple? Have you ever seen your friend’s girlfriend’s warts before he does? In love like in war it aint no rules. And she knows. She knows it well… She is gonna beat him bad, but he only hears parabarabaraba”

hindsHinds has this awesome ability to pull you in with the opening melody of a song, then comes the lo-fi, garage vocals and it makes you feel warm and giddy, like the first sips of champagne… Bubbling with energy and bliss. When I hear Hinds I do one of two things. I put the same song on repeat or I plug-in my phone on bluetooth and listen to every Hinds song I have. Their single “Warts” is off the album Leave Me Alone, released back in January via Mom + Pop Records. This video was published July 13, 2016. This four-piece, Madrid based band will be continuing on their tour through November with a stop in Nashville on November 2nd at Mercy Lounge!!

Director: Pedro Martin-Calero
Production Company: Colonel Blimp x CANADA Barcelona
Executive Producer: Paul Weston
Executive Producer: Óscar Romagosa
Head of Music Videos – Colonel Blimp: Richard Grewe
Producer: Corin Taylor & Rob Jelley
Head of Production – CANADA: Alba Barneda
Line Producer: Laura Serra & Karen Saurí

Keep up with Hinds on their website and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify

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