Video of the Day: Meet Will Charles: America’s Greatest Unknown Singer-Songwriter

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I’m a huge fan of the relatively unknown gem that is Will Charles. I stumbled across him on soundcloud and for a while was going around referring to him as “Elliott Smith Jr.” He constantly puts out song after song of amazingness that you can fall into. As a songwriter myself, I am completely in awe of him. A little Elliot Smith, a bit Harrison maybe, but all his own in greatness and humility. So I asked him:
what is cosmic pain?
Will: For me, feeling like I don’t belong
why do you make music? 
Will: The simple answer is I enjoy it. It can also be cathartic and therapeutic.
where are you from?
Will: Colorado.
where are you going?
Will: No idea.
teach us something cool about playing guitar?
Will: There’s always something new to learn.
why are your harmonies so amazing?
Will:  I don’t know how to answer that but thank you
who are your influences?
Will: Anyone who I feel is being genuine.
your words are poetry.
how did you get such a command of language?
Will: I love language, but writing my own lyrics came out of reading poetry and admiring poetic musicians.
what is important in life?
Will: Connection, that’s all we really have. Love, empathy and gratitude.
He has 4 records available on bandcamp .
Follow him on Facebook . Love him now.
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