Video of the Day: “Good to Love” by FKA Twigs

This video may be a little mainstream for the general readership over here at 50thirdand3rd, but I like to think that we can all acknowledge a hit when we hear it. I think FKA Twigs is one of the coolest artists out there, and her new video for “Good to Love” is as stunning as the song itself. The video was shot as an accompaniment to her most recent ad campaign with Calvin Klein. FKA Twigs and Kaner Flex perform a powerful lyrical number in their Calvins, of course. The song is simple. The actual instrumentation is minimal, Twigs nearly singing acapella; and the black and white, mostly empty room in which the dance takes place makes perfect sense. I love this coupling of song, dance, and fashion. Some argue that branding should be left out of art, but in this instance, it pushes the art forward.

You can watch the video here via Nowness.


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