Video of the Day -Generation Why By Weyes Blood


Generation Why

goin to see end of days
I’ve been hanging
on my phone all day
and the fear goes away
I might not need to stay
on this sinking ship
for long

I can give it away everyday
I can fly and spend all my seconds
like they’re my last
it’s not the past
that scares me
now what a great future
this is gonna be

Y-o-l-o , why
Y-o-l-o, why

used to think it was bad
that we were all goin mad
but now it’s fine to leave
goodbye those old things
carry me through the
waves of change

carry me, through the waves
of change
I know my place
It’s a beautiful thing

Y-o-l-o, why…

Wow ! What a voice , pretty powerful stuff going on here , I encourage all of you to spend a few minutes listening to Weyes Blood , and that would start right now…

Weyes Blood

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Co-founder of 50thirdand3rd, stepped away to spend time with family and write. From Pittsburgh, now in Florida, Cool Canadian artist wife, 4 great kids, and two granddaughters!! I'm a lucky guy!

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