Video of the Day is Fire and Brimstone by Elouise

elouiseThis video is straight out of my childhood, with a little church and the harmonies of everyone singing loud and driven in the background. Which may be why I can’t get enough of this traditional bluegrass met with a mix of dark and dramatic classical instruments in which they call their signature sound of Blackgrass, a sound that Elouise so shamelessly and boldly creates. Elouise Walker and William Bongiovanni have nailed every aspect of this Link Wray classic, from the dark clothes they wear to the dark expressions on their face, singing of purgatory, sin and the darkness that surrounds our weary souls. The eccentricity of this music is brought to the front, for us to wrap our minds and hearts around the sound. This song along with many others can be found on their debut album, Deep Water out now.

Directed by Elouise Walker
Edited by Elouise Walker, John Chamberlin and Ava Chamberlin

Members are Rich Dembowski, Elouise Walker, William Bongiovanni, Michelle Beauchesne, and John Chamberlin

Check out their website for more and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Photo Cred: Chris Strother

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