Video of the Day…The Dirt by Mirel Wagner


We’ve heard a lot about how these are dark times we are living in. The world is unstable, the future unpredictable. All we can do is close our eyes, hold our breath and hope to come out the other end.

The gift to this kind of climate is that amazing artists rise up, find their voice, find their calling and make us open our eyes to face what’s uncomfortable.

Mirel Wagner is one such artist.

Born in Ethiopia, but raised in Finland Mirel takes the dark literary imagery of Nick Cave and Cormac McCarthy and layers it over sparse, shadowy blues folk.

You can’t drink the dirt
even if you wanna
You can’t eat the dirt
even if you wanna
You can’t breathe the dirt
even if you wanna
but you’ll be in the dirt

The Dirt is from her 2014 album – When The Cellar Children See the Light of Day, but I certainly hope she’s putting pen to paper as we speak!

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