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Anyone who follows me on Twitter , understands that I mix my politics with my music. To me it matters as to what bands we listen to and you can often do a pretty good job of guessing where someone stands based on what their listening habits. For all of us that moved from Dylan to Bruce To The Clash and Billy Bragg music expressed what we were feeling. Flash forward a few years and here we are with BirdPen following in the footsteps of Dylan and The Clash and at least for me this video nails it. So make sure you help spread the word, about BirdPen… I couldn’t possibly say this any better…

from BirdPens press:
We live in a world of corruption and lies. We all know that, right? Those high-end rollers splashing the cash on cocaine smudged credit cards. The hanging murderous fog of cigar smoke in a 7 star hotel suite whilst the beasts shake hands for weapons deals that will destroy the little people. Cities burn whilst the bosses play golf and backslap each other for getting their little balls into little holes. The werewolves live amongst us and feed from the weak, they will drink your blood to get ahead in the game. These madmen are in control and being applauded around the world so let’s all unite and raise a glass to The Chairman!

So you now know exactly where BirdPen are coming from with their brand new single ‘The Chairman’ – but where does this come from sonically, we hear you scream?

With a deep driving motorik sound drenched in analogue synth, the sound here isn’t too far from the realm ruled by krautrock greats like Can and Neu! Throw in elements which remind of contemporaries such as BEAK>, Total Control & Holy F*ck and you have something very exciting on your hands. There is a natural, almost anti ‘try hard’ vibe going on here which is a breath of fresh air in the prestigious and technically capable leagues of electronic and experimental music.

BirdPen consist of Mike Bird and Dave Pen, who together wrote, recorded and produced ‘The Chairman’ at The Barn in Hampshire, England. This is the same studio the duo recorded their forthcoming album ‘O’Mighty Vision’ which is due for release via J.A.R Records on the 26th August 2016.

‘The Chairman’ is backed by an equally political and forward thinking music video which compliments BirdPen and their pulsating artform perfectly. Stop, look and Listen. ‘The Chairman’ could well be the hit song of the politically charged summer ahead!


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