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When it comes to music with an emphasis on emotion, the tables can go either way. Somber and boring or heavy and exhausting. It’s a difficult line to walk in any genre and even more so in rock. Then there’s the whole ‘what is emo?’ argument (which would take an entire article on its own). Generally speaking, it’s a rarity to find a band or artist who finds the happy medium. However, there is one band who not only understand that fine line but completely annihilates it. Veseria.

Finding a proper genre to label Veseria isn’t exactly easy either.

I was introduced to Veseria by way of their split EP with fellow Indianapolis rockers Brother O Brother. What really drew me in was their ability to convey raw emotion through music that wasn’t overly heavy or much to take in. That same appeal is even more present on their third LP RLTVTY.

There are elements of RLTVTY that are straight up alternative rock like “Hunting Accidents” but then there are elements of jam-band fusion like the opener “And Also”. Even a little throw-back to the late 90s rap/rock movement with the song “Time To Kill”, but done in a such a tasteful way it comes as a surprise late within the album.

Experimentation finds its way throughout the album when you least expect it.

“Feed A Fever” is an ominous anti-ballad Angel Olden wishes she wrote. “Zenobia” combines a Jack White-esque bass stomp, with vocals that sound like Adele if she was produced by Sinead O’Connor.

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My favorite track,”Star Stuff” is a folk ballad with humble beginnings that grow into a lush, dreamy soundscape. It’s that kind of spontaneity that makes Veseria so interesting. They’re willing to go wherever the song takes them. Sometimes it’s Americana and other times it’s the Jefferson Airplane influenced “City Kids”. No matter where they go, Veseria go in full confidence. Having emotional weight driven by pop sensibility is what sets Veseria apart from other up-and-coming Americana acts.

Most importantly, the music is always emotional in an accessible way.

RLTVTY is being released on vinyl through Romanus Records. If you know anything about that particular label, you already know there are quite a few special variants. From tri-colors, splatters, and of course extremely limited special editions. There’s a vinyl version of RLTVTY to fit any collector!

I’m stoked to premiere the full album stream in this review! Give a listen to RLTVTY below, and head over to Romanus Records and get a copy on vinyl while you can!


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To purchase RLTVTY please visit Romanus Records

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