Valerie June – Dusty Old Soul


The first thing you’ll notice about Valerie June is her striking appearance – “wow, she’s beautiful” my wife said when I queued up her video for “You Can’t Be Told”. “Wait until you hear her sing” I said.

I stumbled across her captivating voice one night when I was fittingly in a liquor store buying something to drink. Her voice stopped me in my tracks. I listened closely and googled the lyrics later that night and discovered that Valerie has just released a full-length record, called “Pushin’ Against A Stone” her first; although when you hear her, it sounds like she’s been around for decades (shhh, she was born in Jackson, Tennessee in 1982). Her website is subtitled: Organic Moonshine Roots Music – and it is an apt description. Her voice is described as landing somewhere between Dolly Parton and Billie Holiday, a comparison I can’t argue with. She has a dusty old soul, and if you close your eyes you’ll be sipping your whiskey on the front porch with a hound at your feet. The record features special guests such as Booker T. Jones, and is produced and co-written by Dan Auerbach (The Black Keys) and Kevin Augunas, (Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros). I suspect we will be hearing a lot from Ms. June.


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Domestic now, but spent early to late 80s playing drums in a hair metal band in Toronto. Since then I've lost the hair and have found new ways to scratch the rock and roll itch.

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