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Ty Segall has a new record coming out. Of course, that’s almost always true, considering this is everyone’s favourite lo-fi, indie-punk, psychedelic workaholic and a man who’s single-handedly trying to overload the servers over at discogs.com with his prolific musical output.

His latest thing, due for release on March 29th via Drag City Records, is a live album in conjunction with his Freedom Band entitled Deforming Lobes. All the eight tracks on the album were recorded at the Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles and the closing tune, Love Fuzz, released in advance as a teaser for the album, absolutely fizzes.

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Love Fuzz was taken from one of Segall’s 2012 albums Twins and has been a live favourite since then. The original is a lumbering, low-tempo piece of sleazy, grunge garage with a sweet, high-pitched vocal. Meanwhile, the live rendition on Deforming Lobes cranks up the pace, ramps up the raucousness and introduces a feedback/noise break which doubles the song’s running time despite the frantic energy on show. The guitars are overdriven to a roaring, metallic cacophony while for his live vocal, Seagall dismisses sweetness in favour of a throat-shredding scream channelling Iggy, Mick Jagger and Rob Tyner simultaneously. Altogether it’s scintillating enough to scorch your eyebrows.

The translation of this this high-volume fun from an LA stage to your stereo has been helped in part by the involvement of Steve Albini who’s been on mixing duties for the project. Obviously, Albini’s experienced ear for the extreme guarantees a certain decibel level, but Ty and the Freedom Band sure do give him a hell of a lot to work with.

Ty Segall and Freedom Band, Deforming Lobes, Live will be released by Drag City Records on 29th March and is available for pre-order on LP, Cassette, CD, MP3 and FLAC download now from Drag City and from Bandcamp.

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