TV Smith and UK Subs in Hamburg

The first concert I went to this year was the UK Subs. They were touring together with TV Smith. I would have been sorry if I missed this gig. It was their 40th anniversary Europe tour.

The concert venue in Hamburg was called Fabrik meaning “factory”. As the name tells, it is an old factory built back in the 1800s and an old crane is still hanging over it. Today the Fabrik hosts cultural events as well as concerts. It is really big with a second floor where you can see the whole show from above.

We arrived there to find plenty young and old punks in leather jackets accompanied by Dr Martens. Just the crowd one could imagine. It was at full capacity. TV Smith (former frontman of the punk band The Adverts) was on stage first, playing his guitar and singing his socially aware, poetic, folk-punk songs. I was mesmerized.

Then came the time where TV Smith left the stage to make way for the UK Subs. I figured that you could go under the curtains on the top floor right above the stage! I could make great pictures of the band and the crowd which I posted a few of below. Briefly, the UK Subs put up a great show. The band went through different line-ups over the years but the frontman Charlie Harper has always led the band. They punked the night up!

Here are the photos and a video. Enjoy!

TV Smith

UK Subs


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Special thanks to blacflag for recording the video while I was enjoying the show! Also, if you would like to see, hear more of the TV Smith and the UK Subs, please visit their pages.

TV Smith Homepage
TV Smith Facebook page

UK Subs Homepage
UK Subs Facebook page


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