Turn On The House Lights…This Is ….Rollersnakes


You may know half of this Band as Gorevvhore, contributor to 50thirdand3rd.com. Start your day off with some fun kickin tunes and tell your friends about Rollersnakes….

Their Bio from Reverbnation..

Two piece garage/surf/rocknroll/trash band.

Sir Hiss and Wheelz met many years ago and instantly fell in love. Using that love, and their passion for music, they combined powers with the most important, yet most forgotten principle of rock composition: Primitive Rock n’ Roll. No frills, no brain melting solos, no showing off. Just pure, simple, primal, rock n’ roll.

Like finding a gorgeous wood floor under the plush, stained, fading shag carpet. Throwin’ back to the forefathers and foremothers of 50s/60s rock, with a splash of surf, fuzzy garage, and lo-fi fun!

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Co-founder of 50thirdand3rd, stepped away to spend time with family and write. From Pittsburgh, now in Florida, Cool Canadian artist wife, 4 great kids, and two granddaughters!! I'm a lucky guy!

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