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Sometimes I’m like a broken record. I’m constantly talking about my love of garage rock and Nashville’s rock scene. Which is fine because we all know it’s one of the greatest cities for music, and garage is the very essence of rock n’ roll. Back in 2006, rock was still experiencing growing pains and the industry needed a new punk. Emo bands had become the main source of guitar-based rock. Don’t get me wrong, I loved quite a bit of that movement. But when the debut album from the Jonas Stein project Turbo Fruits came along, it was a breath of fresh air!

Turbo Fruits weren’t gentle or emotional, they were raw and unpredictable yet extremely satisfying.

During the success of Be Your Own Pet, Stein didn’t want to stop the momentum of recording music. Instead of taking a break, he got together with a couple friends and put together Turbo Fruits. A sloppy, gritty garage outfit of distorted guitars and chorus hooks with a punk mentality. While not too different from Be Your Own Pet, Turbo Fruits still felt unique and interesting. Of course with all this angst and devil-may-care attitude all over the self-titled album, the songs are delivered with a real laid back vibe missing in most punk rock.

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Channeling the likes of Weezer and Dinosaur Jr, Stein was able to kick the side-project into a full functioning band with its own legacy of success. Later he found himself releasing music through Thurston Moore’s label, produced by Patrick Carney, and even an appearance in Whip It! the directorial debut of Drew Barrymore. All of which started with this album!

Fast forward to 2018 and thanks to Romanus Records, Turbo Fruits is still fresh and relevant.

Just a little bit past Turbo Fruits‘ 10 year anniversary, Romanus Records are releasing the band’s debut for the first time on vinyl. The Indianapolis based, vinyl-only label is no stranger to noisy garage rock. With releases by The Ghost Wolves, Suck The Honey, and label owner’s very own Brother O Brother, Turbo Fruits feel right at home! In many ways, Turbo Fruits could very well be an unofficial, subconscious influence to the label itself.

Just like every other release from Romanus, Turbo Fruits is available in a slew of variants. Some with the casual listener in mind, the audiophile, and a few for the extreme collector. Hearing this album on vinyl breathes new life into this already classic album. No matter which variant you choose, Turbo Fruits is an amazing debut record just as fun today as it was in 2006.

To purchase Turbo Fruits on limited edition vinyl, please visit Romanus Records

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