Track By Track – Self Titled Debut by Baby Jesus : U.SA. Vinyl Release 11-27-15


Track by Track” is written by the Artist who make the music possible. Today we feature – the self titled debut from Baby Jesus.

Nothing’s for me
“Discovering the hippie dream and to realize its nightmare.”
This song came about when we thought that we’d found the hippie dream, but it was a nightmare.

Trembling away
“When up is down, vice versa. The girl beside you dont know who you are, you are confused.”
This is a full on write-by-the second song. Where everyone is nodding at eachother, happily but it’s about misery

Haven’t Seen the Light
“Frothing out your brain through your nostrils, while you’re having a serious conversation about light with the taxi driver”
Fredriks uncle said to him “you should write a song with the lyrics; i can carry my own. Thats cool.” And so the blueprint for “Haven’t Seen the Light” was written. First it was a blues song though..

Don’t want you
“Some times it’s better to bust out than to go through. This song is about when you went through”
We wanted to do a “Classic garage song” but leaning more over at punk, but with an organ and lyrics about girls.

Nice Walk
“Walk around, say high to your neighbour. The sun is up, we’re coming to get you”
Sunny side up. Gathered in our studio, we played for the sun to come, we played Nice Walk.

Cry Cry Cry
“When you lie to your girl and you know it’s a lie but it’s true now”
When we formed our band, we didnt want to decide what genre we’d wanna play; Cry Cry Cry was our first step towards writing garage songs. It felt good, so we followed that path.

Deep blue delay
“This song is about when you’re at home, in your bed or on your couch.”
Merging to one another, deep blue delay is a completely different song than cry cry cry, is it an answer?

You make me fry

Our studio got flooded right in the middle of the album recording. So we moved to another practice space, with a big ballette mirror and everything. We stood there, with borrowed gear and wrote “You Make Me Fry”.

Vansinnet is written when we got home, our studio was now not flooded. Sat down, reminiscing and slowly Vansinnet came about. We are Swedes, so a Swedish named track fitted perfectly. Vansinnet means when you meet someone you’ve met a long time ago.

Time’s all gone
When time’s all gone, when you’ve done it before. When you’re just running along.. When the time’s all gone

Baby Jesus:

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