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Track by Track is a series written by the Artist , telling us something about the tracks on their latest Album Today we have a “Track by Track” by The Backseat Angels. IF you like power pop of any kind , you have to give this album a listen. “Saturday Night Shakes” is one of my most played Albums of 2016 .


1. My Baby Wants To Brainwash My Mind – This was written some 15 years ago about a friend of mine who was constantly harassed by his girlfriend. She thought he was a moron because all he wanted was to play in a ROCK’n’ROLL band. All she wanted was 2 kids, a home in the suburbs, a Volvo station wagon, a big black dog and her man at her feet. They could not work it out and split up some times later, much to my relief. The guitar arrangements were reworked for the record and the song was also sped up.

2. Saturday Night – This one also was written a long time ago after reading that “Blitzkrieg Bop” was an attempt of the Ramones to sound like The Bay City Rollers.The song was recently reworked for the full length because I wanted a bubble gum song on the record. But I guess, that in the end, this track sounds more like theRamones than like the BCR.

3. School Bus Driver – This one is quite self-explanatory: it’s all about a pervert school bus driver who has a crush on some under aged school girl he is driving to and from school. It is safe to say that nothing actually happened and that everything is in the guy’s head. Next stop : the Madhouse.

4. Teenage rock'n'roller – This one’s obviously about Suzy Quatro. Chinn and Chapman wrote some great songs for her in the early seventies and this was the feeling we were after when we played that one. I’ve always been a sucker for Glamrock.

5. Peppermint Girl – One night I was watching a television show, something like “American Horror Story”. And the guy in the show calls his girlfriend “Peppermint Girl”. I liked the idea, fetched my guitar and wrote the song in 15 minutes.

6. Hard to tame – The intro riff of this one was originally the bridge. But it quickly appeared it was a damn waste to only use it once in the song so it became the main riff instead. As soon as this change was made, everything fell right into place.Sometimes life can be easy.

7. To be A Better Man – I know I‘m guy with a bad temper and a terrible reputation. I pretend I don’t care but it ain’t true, I do care! Therefore I do the best I can to be a better man. Specially for my daughters and for my sweetheart.

8. Pick up the Phone – I wrote this one a long time ago when I was playing the guitar in a band with 2 girls from Luxemburg, Viv and Patrizia, called the Riot Dolls.The girls wanted something that sounded like a Blondie song but with more guitars. The first song that came to mind was “Hanging on the telephone”, so I decided we needed to pen something with “phone” in the title. This song was reworked recently for the full length.

9. Crazy like a Fox – This one was written in 2013 for my glam project EIGHT TRACK STEREO. I listened to various SLADE songs and noted that the most used words by Slade were “Mama” and “crazy” so I build a song around those 2 words. It wasn’t until recently that I learned that a song with the same title already existed and was performed by Link Cromwell aka Lenny Kaye.

10. Stupid brats – This is a moronic song about the state of the youth today. It is accurate to say that the youth of today is getting dumber by the day. But then again, “we are all stupid brats”, aren’t we? We played that song live on various occasions and this was a real crowd pleaser.

11. This is what I get – Another line from a TV show. You don’t have to believe everything you hear in TV shows, but every now and then the writers are so right!

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