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‘Track by Track’ is a series written by the Artist to give us some insight into their latest work. From this point on, everything written is from Tanners Pool.

‘Out of Line’ EP:

Bad advice

The opening track on the EP is a song about moving past destructive opinions from people around you – we’ve seen and heard about this so often, so this was our response to that, a way of turning around and saying ‘you know what, no thanks, I’ll do it my own way’. It’s got a punchy, ballsy feel to match the vocals. We love playing this one live and it always gets a great response from the crowd.

I’m long gone

This track is definitely the funkiest number on the EP. The lyrics walk you through a tongue-in-cheek take on the daily grind. We’re sure there will be plenty of folk out there who can relate to that! It’s a bit of cheeky fun really, and the track has a funky playful feel to match.

Nothing and nobody

This one starts with a driving guitar riff and then hits you with a pretty oblique set of lyrics. It’s essentially exploring the personal cost of not standing up for the things you believe in. We thought it’d be fun to think about those costs as people, so in the song we meet nothing and nobody and find out a bit about how they got there. The structure is a bit wacky in that you get all of the verses before you get any of the choruses, but it felt right for the song and we love the way it grows.

Plastic wings

The final track on the EP is about picking yourself up when the reality of a dream doesn’t live up to its promise. We wanted to write a punchy straight-ahead rock song and we often open up our live set with this one. It’s available for free download from our Soundcloud page so go check it out 🙂

Tanners Pool:


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