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“Track by Track” is written by the artist giving us some insight into their latest work……

you can download and listen to the album here….The Even Three/ Into The Sun

The Even Three— Into the Sun

The Even Three is a rock band based out of Pittsburgh Pa and consists of Angelo Gargaro on Guitar/Vocals, Brandon Robertson on Drums/Vocals, and in the Fall of 2015 they added a third member on bass — Jay Matthey. Into the Sun is the second album by the band following their debut release of Will You Go With Me?

Where Are We Now

This was the first track on the album because it encapsulates the change from our first album and the direction we were heading as a band and in life. Our first album is called Will you Go with Me and this song perpetuates the journey of exploring new ideas and influences.

Straight Ahead

This song picks up on the idea of going somewhere and wondering where those steps are taking you. Up to this point, we were living in two different states but beginning a transition to bridge the gap both by distance and with the music.

Ann Marie

As one might assume, this song is about a specific person named Ann Marie.Throughout every journey there are always distractions and detours. Ann Marie had an edge to her and created a vibe of lust that was gritty and fitting to the theme relating to the album at the time.

What A View

This was one of the first songs recorded in Pittsburgh after Brandon had first moved officially to the city. The words What A View describe the feeling, comfort, and convenience of writing music without distance being a factor. To this day, this song follows Ann Marie in our live set and shows the transition and cohesion in the music.

Hearts Up In the Trees

We wanted to bring a song in that showed our appreciation toward technical ideas and fusing multiple elements into one concept. Our first album did not showcase the bass as much and lacked complexity. Hearts Up In the Trees portrays our individual personalities and musical tastes.

Into the Sun

Space and the idea that more exists beyond what we know is a theme throughout much of our music and life perspectives. The feeling in this song is very human, creating the illusion of being so close and real for those involved. It’s also humbling to witness how insignificant the same feeling is when compared to a larger scale, like space and what lies beyond the sun.

I Know It’s Home

With a much slower pace, I Know It’s Home shows reflection and appreciation toward the strides being made in our lives at the time — like a sigh of relief to finally being somewhere we felt was like home. This was the song recorded when we first shared a roof in Pittsburgh and truly began working on the album.

Learning the Hard Way

Angelo explains the song as being: Powerful. In your face. Rockin’. To the point.Gritty. Shameless. Heroin. Weed. Beer. Cigarettes. Brandon.

So Happy

I (Angelo) was living on my own at the time with just my dog Buddy. I secluded myself from a lot of people while trying to figure out so many different things going on in my life. I woke up one day, walked outside, the sun was shining and it just felt so good. I found myself and finally felt happy — I hadn’t for a long time.


We were experiencing weird life events individually when recording this song but when we got together and wrote music a lot of those problems dissolved, even if only temporarily. We would work all night writing and recording music and Dawn represents the feeling of being so consumed by something that brought us clarity and peace late in the morning as the sun was rising and a new day was starting before ours even ended.

It All Ends

Music is what brought us together. It is what keeps all of us together. This song marks the end of one journey and teases the notion of a new one already beginning. It’s hard to let go, say goodbye, and to find closure. It All Ends encourages a bright future full of insight, creativity, and experience.

The Even Three:

We can officially announce our location and time for the Strip District Music Festival. January 16, 2016, Beerhive, 12:45p!! This place rocks and we can’t wait to jam with everyone!


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