Track by Track – Cats & Rats E.P. by Crooked Little Sons


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Cats & Rats E.P. by Crooked Little Sons

I Don’t Wanna Go: I don’t wanna go was one of those songs that just came together in like 10 minutes. The Intro guitar riff was something i had for a while and just used to noodle about with, but once we speed it up and put it in a 12 bar it seemed a real good choice to open shows and the EP with. The song is simply about your reluctance to leave something your doing that you love. your stubbornness to leave a good thing. all tho for me it was just about a night out i went on once.

Something To Say: Something To Say is a song i wrote about everyone (Normally with the best intentions) having an Opinion on whatever dramas or trials and tribulations someone they know could be dealing with. We all have Mates in a pickle, we all have our own protection of it but for me what was interesting was just being sat down the pub with some close friends talking about the latest whatever and thinking god we’re drama…. Im sure most people do, to be honest nowadays i just find it funny.

The Coolest (Copy) Cats In Town: This song is about an inside joke that just kinda got out of hand. Where we are from (Exeter) there is a band who’s early work influenced Crooked a great deal called The Computers, and what can i say when you’v got two bands in Devon playing rock n roll, greasing there hair and having an onstage ‘Look’ then after a while people will make the comparison….Its no lie we are big fans of there’s and we even recorded the EP with Fred Ansell (Guitar/Keyboard) There wicked but yeah people from time to time would throw the ‘rip off’ label our way (not only that but the band were are still are doing considerably well) but now it doesn’t happen really. As cringe as it sounds i think as a band we have ‘found our sound’.

Get It Together, Man: If you listen to the lyrics of this song you’l soon work out its only about a sentence long. ‘You’v got sticks and stones for my bones and I don’t care, so hows that?’ Literally a song about not giving a fuck and just going with it but obviously i was limited in writing given how the song came out. the first few months before we recorded it the lyrics would change every night it wasn’t until we were in the studio that i worked out something that stuck.

Rats: I wrote this song around the summer for 2013 (I think) at the time i had a few friends of mine who i was a bit concerned with. There was a club called ‘Rumours’ that I had stumbled into drunk a few times with some friends. It was a real surreal place man. Anyway I’m a firm believer in not limiting your fun and just enjoying yourself as much as you can but somewhere between people fucking in the upstairs bar to fights breaking out at lock in’s I actually got a bit concerned. I don’t know I guess i just didn’t want my friends hanging out in the Sewers Cheeky Nod there haha

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