Track by Track : “Blue Prints” EP: by Even In Arcadia


Track by Track is a feature where the artist tell us about their songs. All text that follows is from the band. Today we feature the new EP from Even In Arcadia…Blue Prints

Members: Vocals – Hazel Gore Guitar – Christopher Garvin Bass – Chris Gore Drums – Blair Martin
Genre: Alt Rock
Hometown: Glasgow

Electric Thumb

In a nutshell electric thumb is about anxiety – the emotional and physical symptoms that it brings. It was a really easy song to write because everything just clicked into place when we were in the studio. The different dynamics in the song take you on a journey. We love playing this song live, its loaded with energy and emotion and is a fan favourite.

City in the Dark

City in the Dark is about the drinking culture in Glasgow and the loneliness of 5 o’clock in the morning once the pubs and clubs are closed. Many people make their way to parties or some go home alone while the city sleeps. The song has an eerie feel about it but has a really big chorus which ties nicely with the lyrical content of the song.

Weave a Web

Weave a Web is about a young woman who weaves a giant web within her own home so that she can sit in it like a spider. Weave a web is a metaphor for feeling trapped and being stuck in a rut. We recorded an acoustic version of Weave a Web for “Blue Prints”. The electric version appears on our first EP which is also titled “Weave a Web”. This song was also inspired by a drawing by our singer, Hazel, who is an artist. Check out her work here:

Even in Arcadia :



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