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Bugeye – Never Let You Go – EP

The concept of the EP, and in fact our upcoming album, is based on the darker side of the psyche. It’s about the lives we lead behind closed doors – what happens when no one is looking. If you scratched the surface, what you believe to be a reality or a person’s Facebook life can reveal something quite different. Sometimes beautiful, and something disturbing.

Never Let You Go
The title track, Never Let You Go, was inspired by the story of Ruth Ellis, the last woman to be executed in Britain. Ruth was a party girl and perhaps not the most sound of mind. She had a tendency to lean towards relationships of an unhealthy nature, her last being abusive to the extreme. It’s a very tragic story of domestic violence, obsession and revenge, Ruth shot and killed her lover, David Blakey, and was hanged in July 1926. Never Let You Go explores these themes both musically and visually.

Actually the name of a German mannequin in my garage, is the tale of a pimp and his girlfriend’s decent into prostitution. From the research I did on this topic, there seemed to be a number of common themes and patterns throughout: love, trust, manipulation, abuse, but also the ability to survive. I wanted to capture the voices in a person’s head, that justify an action, that convince us, even if only for a moment, that things will be different – the ability to shut down your mind and almost transcend into another plane as a coping mechanism is very powerful. The song’s lyrics are snippets of thoughts, of doing something for love, through fear, of how it all began and the realisation of what is really happening from the perspective of the woman’s first time entering into the dark world of the sex trade.

Disco Dancer
This is the story of an obsessive stalker. Rather than clearly setting out a story with the lyrics, we wanted to explore the strange thought patterns of a stalker. The lyrics repeat as does the voice in our character’s head, the need to be noticed by their idol, to get to know them is a surging passion that can’t be controlled. It’s such an obsession that this is the only thing they seem to be able to focus on. One thing that came across quite strongly when exploring this area, was the way in which a stalker, to their friends and family, hides this side of themselves incredibly well, while at the same time creating a complete fantasy world in which their actions are justified.

a little history…

First invented as kids in the late 90’s, Bugeye had an affecting influence on the London music scene with their stripped down, yet raucous sound, intended to make you shake your hips and tap your foot – a sound that permeated indie disco dance floors throughout the capital. Now the band make a triumphant return with the release of their forthcoming EP Never Let You Go, out on 8th July 2016 via Repeat Records/Badger Recording Co.

Having first formed in the late 90’s supporting the likes of The Cranberries at Wembley, Bugeye reformed last year after a series of events drew them back together. The result of these cosmic events, is an EP that not only hints at what could have been, but clears the path for the talented three-piece to fulfil their undoubted potential. Bugeye draws parallels with a number of the defining indie rock bands of the late 90’s/early noughties such as Sleater-Kinney, Le Tigre and Gossip as they pursue, with a great deal of success, the ultimate rock and roll sound. Blending cherry-liqueur lyrics, bubblegum-kneecap bass electrics, goth-heavy drum compactions and high-rise guitar sculptures, Bugeye have created a beautifully, unapologetic riot grrrl-inspired record that is both notable for it’s contemporary sound as much as it is for it’s throwback qualities. Quirky, dramatic, offbeat and intensely groovy, Never Let You Go wouldn’t be out of place blaring from the Twede’s Cafe jukebox, accompanied of course by a slice of cherry pie and a “Damn fin cup ‘o coffee!”.

Comprising Angela Martin (Vox, Guitar), Paula Snow (Bass) and Jack Houston (Drums), the trio have reintroduced themselves to the live London music scene with a number of recent gigs around the city and beyond. However, the band are now just hitting their stride with ‘Disco Dancer’ due to be released as a free download, the official release of single and title track Never Let You Go accompanied by a music video exploring the theme of domestic violence by director, Emma Nathan (director of Anna Calvi’s Suddenly) and the EP itself due for release in July.


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